Like the mythical Elephants’ graveyard, this is where all my Journal entries come for their final rest.

As each year comes to its close I summarise it here, include my favourite entry and give you a list of all the entries.


This year that hasn’t reached an introspective status yet.

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Memorable entries include; making sure everyone knows how I want to be buried, living on a meal replacement beverage, talking about all my tattoos, gaining a deeper understanding for the misogyny women and marginalised people go through every day, suddenly looking for a job again, the special kind of hell that commuting is, finding the right words to explain that thing that I do that people pay me to do and trying my swiping finger at dating in the 21st century.

But my favourite entry is That Place Between Sleep and Awake, where I write the hardest entry to date and talk about the sadness and grief that came with losing Amanda.

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Memorable entries include; starting to exercise, becoming a zombie for a day, speaking at my first conference, becoming a published writer, completing the year-long beard journey and toasting to the ten terrific years spent with Rebecka.

But my favourite entry is Back to the Past, where in honour of Marty McFly’s arrival in the future, I wander through the past 12 years of web design for and look at the different, sometimes bad, design decisions I have made throughout the years.

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Memorable entries include; Lucien getting seriously ill, a 24 h board game marathon, going to my first Comic Con, turning thirty, getting a new jobs, growing a beard for a year and hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.

But my favourite entry is A Letter from the Promised Land, where I pretend to be a turn of the 20th century immigrant who is writing home to the family and friends he has left behind for a brighter future in the new world.

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66 entries out of 106 made it through.

Memorable entries include; recounting my failures playing Hitman: Absolution, re-imagining my avatar as Hanna-Barbera character, getting way too invested in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, releasing a game called Monorun!, folding some amazing paper planes, realising that I can’t tell the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, drinking the world’s strongest coffee and determining which mince pies are the best

But my favourite entry is A Rainy Night on Drury Lane, Part VII — A White Blanket of Forgiveness, where I finally finish the multi-part short story I started the year before.

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38 entries out of 97 made it through.

Memorable entries include; rethinking the ranking symbols used on, flying to the UK to attend job interviews, packing a bag each and moving the UK, recording some covers and some songs of my own, getting a place to call home in the UK, how I stopped smoking and starting a mult-part short story.

But my favourite entry is Anomalous Atmospheric Conditions, where I take a humour look at the weather differences between Finland and the UK.

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37 entries out of 96 made it through.

Memorable entries include; designing and selling my own series of T-shirts, getting obsessed with drinking fresh coffee, recording my original song My Undying Love For You Will Never Decompose (But My Body Might), revealing the next, brand-spanking new version of our NHL statistics tracking tool and auditioning for the reality television-music competition Idols.

But my favourite entry is The Luckiest F.O.B in the World(s), where Rebecka and I get married.

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19 entries out of 83 made it through.

Memorable entries include; playing Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm, conducting an embarrassing interview with myself, pretending I had a shot at playing Romeo in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and continuing the work on my board game Island of Eternity.

But my favourite entry is P-P-P-Poker Table, where I design and build an octagonal poker table out of birch and European pruce.

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16 entries out of 33 made it through.

Memorable entries include; creating sculpted dolls, a horrible bucket list, performing covers and my own material at Night of Arts, getting a third tattoo and designing an T-shirt for

But my favourite entry is one of my live performances from Night of Arts, specifically Part III & IV, “Into The Night” And “Made of Glass”.

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The first year. The year with one measly entry. Mostly kept here for posterity.