My fortnightly journal is where I write about things that interest me, lately it’s been running and mental health. The next entry comes out in 7 days.

Managing My Motherfucking Moods

№320 ~5 minutes

In which I spend six months being my own emotional detective, tracking my moods and figuring out what makes me tick.

The Ketogenic Man

№319 ~9 minutes

In which I answer life’s hard questions, like, ‘Can I eat all the avocado in the world?’ by going on the keto diet.

Beating the Bullies of Banking

№318 ~6 minutes

In which I get hands-on experience with Transferwise’s new Borderless account and its accompanying Mastercard debit card, spending less money for more value when traveling abroad.

How Not to Be a Boy

№317 ~5 minutes

In which I read, cry, laugh and review Robert Webb’s How Not to Be a Boy.

The Diary of Two Decades

№316 ~11 minutes

In which he looks back at 20 years of writing as this journal of his turns 10-years-old.

Limping with Demons

№314 ~4 minutes

In which there’s only three weeks left to the London Marathon and I must confess, I’m not sure if I’m ready to run it.

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