I’ve kept an online journal for the past eight, going on nine years, writing about things that excite, annoy and fascinate me.

№309 ~1 minutes

A Scooby-Doo Halloween

In which traditions are meant to be broken and we don’t carve any pumpkins.

№307 ~2 minutes

Inside No. 9

In which I briefly talk about the house we never really called our home.

№306 ~4 minutes

The Descension

In which I talk about how after not smoking for 4 years I failed and started again.

№305 ~3 minutes

Don’t Run with Your Mouth Open

In which Ben and I run a 5k to raise money for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and Lucien throws paint into our mouths.

№304 ~5 minutes

1 out of 16 Personalities

In which I want to believe that people can’t be pigeon-holed but clearly I can be.

№301 ~6 minutes

Interrogating the Demons

In which I start cleaning out the cobwebs of my mind by reading, meditating and dying a sweaty death at hot yoga.

№300 ~7 minutes

Tales from the Archive, Part II

In which I finish migrating all the remaining entries between 2010–2013 and cull most of them because they’re so terrible.

№299 ~4 minutes

That Story on Drury Lane

In which I manage to put the final touches to A Rainy Night on Drury Lane and release it. For free!

№298 ~4 minutes

Becoming a British Bastard

In which we have lived in the UK for five years but aren’t sure if we can call this home anymore.

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