In which I switch from Notepad++ to Sublime 2.

The Subliminal Stimuli of Sublime

378 words about technology — 23:04 · 18th Mar 2013

After years of using Notepad++ I am now officially making the switch to Sublime 2. With some awesome version controlled snippets via Github (still setting all of that up) and everything that Sublime has to offer a part of me is just thinking “Why didn’t I do this earlier?! I’m such an idiot!”.

I of course already know the answer to why I hadn’t. Change. We avoid change like the plague. It’s human nature to avoid anything and everything that disrupts the status quo. We will fight tooth and nail to reserve the right to not change. When in reality, change in itself is neither good or bad… it’s just change. It’s different.

Notepad++ vs. Sublime 2.

So, I had been avoiding the change from Notepad++ to Sublime despite having — to a certain degree — an awareness of all the improvements Sublime had to offer over its ageing predecessor. But once I started looking into what Sublime had to offer. Oh. My. [deity]. This shit is fucking awesome! But because this post is not meant to be an advertising post for Sublime I will simple say this; So far, it has all the things I long ago wished that Notepad++ had had.

So unless something unforeseeable happens — like that I die horribly tomorrow or something — this is essentially my good-bye post to Notepad++. You have served me well you faithful piece of software but I’m afraid that the time has come for us to part ways. I have simply evolved to having needs that you no longer fulfil and as such I have been “forced” to seek my satisfaction elsewhere.

Who knows what the future holds? Perhaps one day I will need you again, but probably not… unless you change. Which I don’t expect you to do. You are after all — and have always been — free, which entitles me to exactly diddly squat. But don’t worry, I’m not angry or anything. It is as it should be. By being free you can do whatever you like and I have to like it. Or move on. So I’m moving on.

But should anyone ever ask me for a good code editor I will always start out by recommending Notepad++.

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