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The Sittingbourne Sessions, Part II

~1 minutes

    In which I record a a few more songs just before we move from our self-catering accommodation in Sittinbourne.

    For once.. I have made good on my promise. In one and a half hour we’re relocating to Maidstone, after which I wouldn’t be able to finish the Sittingbourne Sessions without lying about our location. Now, my conscience is guilty-free. Feels good.. Mmmm.. Oh yeah, guilty-free..

    Anyway. Here’s one cover and one of my own songs.. I did two of my own, but the vocals were barely existent on the second one, so I will re-record that once I have gotten a microphone stand. I also separated them so you can easily listen to the one you like the most on repeat.. you know, because I’m such a nice guy or something.

    The next entry comes out in 11 days.

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