Behind the scenes

23 entries about behind the scenes.

  • Reboot: Information Architecture

    07:20 · 7th Mar 2020

    In which I review how URLs should reveal the underlying structure of things and allow people to explore.

  • Reboot: Multitudes

    10:35 · 29th Feb 2020

    In which I add a new section to my site to showcase my selected work.

  • Reboot: 'Business' Goals

    16:50 · 26th Feb 2020

    In which I want to add a bunch of new stuff but I want to make sure that stuff isn’t there just for the sake of it.

  • Reboot: Taking Stock

    19:00 · 19th Feb 2020

    In which I take stock of the pages I’ve gathered over the years.

  • Reboot

    07:00 · 16th Feb 2020

    In which I begin rebooting this site.

  • The Beauty of Daily Routines

    07:00 · 18th Nov 2018

    In which I outline the practical steps and positive results of embracing the beauty of a daily routine.

  • The Troubles with Taboo Tattoos

    07:00 · 9th Sep 2018

    In which I try to design a tattoo without cultural appropriation and realise that Neo-Nazis are appropriating mine.

  • A Place to Call Home

    22:49 · 11th Mar 2014

    In which I finally move my blog to my very own domain and begin the arduous process of designing this new website of mine.

  • The Great Reveal

    22:34 · 26th Sep 2013

    In which I keep one of the many promises and actually reveal the plans for my upcoming book.

  • Designer != Artist

    23:42 · 13th Mar 2013

    In which I invite you to join me in the messy process that is the redesign of my personal brand.

  • This Is the Post Title

    22:53 · 8th Nov 2012

    In which I almost forget to write an entry for the day but end up talking about the re-branding I’m doing.

  • The Process

    14:36 · 23rd Sep 2011

    In which I reveal the present I’ve been making for my wife’s upcoming birthday.

  • Why So Secretive?

    20:44 · 8th Sep 2011

    In which I reveal the next, brand-spanking new version of our NHL statistics tracking tool.

  • Music and Me

    19:35 · 27th Dec 2010

    In which I talk about the some times confusing song writing process I have.

  • Waiting For Inspiration

    19:44 · 1st Sep 2009

    Incoherent rambling. Something about not waiting for inspiration but just getting to work.