Aside for keeping an online journal for the past seven, going on eight years, I sometimes have the honour of writing elsewhere.

I enjoy telling stories to enlighten and inspire. We need to be teaching the next generation of designers by learning from our mistakes.

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Recent articles

Studio 24, May 2017

What are you doing for an inclusive web today?

We join the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) to take a moment to look at all the people who benefit from an accessible web.

Studio 24, December 2016

Your website isn’t accessible and it’s costing you

You are ignoring millions of people because your website isn’t accessible. You are ignoring tens of thousands of pounds every year.

net Magazine, May 2016

The cost of accessibility

Where I make a business case for accessibility, and reveal the very real costs of ignoring it.

This article originally appeared in issue 274 of net magazine.

Squiders, October 2015

When every second counts

Without a performance budget you risk losing a majority of your customers before they even reach your website.