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  • What I Read in 2019

    10:55 · 10th May 2020

    In which I continue to review my approach to reading and think about the books I read last year.

  • The Olive Experiment

    09:05 · 25th Apr 2020

    In which I spend four years figuring out if I can learn to like olives.

  • The Vitruvian Man Returns

    07:00 · 29th Mar 2020

    In which we look at how well I’ve managed to balance my Venn diagram of physical, mental and social well-being.

  • Reboot: Information Architecture

    07:20 · 7th Mar 2020

    In which I review how URLs should reveal the underlying structure of things and allow people to explore.

  • Reboot: Multitudes

    10:35 · 29th Feb 2020

    In which I add a new section to my site to showcase my selected work.

  • Reboot: 'Business' Goals

    16:50 · 26th Feb 2020

    In which I want to add a bunch of new stuff but I want to make sure that stuff isn’t there just for the sake of it.


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