My fortnightly journal is where I write about things that interest me, lately it’s been running and mental health.

Be the Change

№343 ~5 minutes

In which I lay the foundation for the upcoming reboot of this website and its blog.

BIMA 100: Champion for Change

№342 ~6 minutes

In which I’m selected to become one of BIMA’s Champions for Change and get to suit up to go to the OXO Tower in London.

Mind the Zap

№339 ~3 minutes

In which I swear at Google Home and its inability to recognise simple commands.

Ask Me Anything

№338 ~5 minutes

In which I do my own version of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) question-and-answer interactive interview.

Thank You for the Dance

№337 ~4 minutes

In which we travel back in time to 1990 to watch as I fall in love for the first time and how the consequent rejection came to shape my future relationships.

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