I educate and empower peers and people alike, on how to transform their teams and organisations to make a better web for everyone.

Past talks and workshops

The Cost of Accessibility

In which I make a business case for accessibility at codeHarbour on Tour! and talk about the very real cost of ignoring it.

Carlos…talks about human beings and the bottom line. The talk covers the real world implications of poor accessibility that will help you better empathise with people’s needs. But it’s also full of stats and soundbites to convince you, your boss, or your clients why accessibility makes financial sense. And it does! Andrew Fairlie

The Cost of Accessibility

As designers, we need to speak to business-owners in a language they understand. We need to make a business case for accessibility and inclusive design.

Web slides are available.

Carlos Eriksson speaking at Web in the Woods.
Speaking and swearing (optional) at Web in the Woods.
Photo by Darren Beale.

Carlos delivered an excellent talk…using a combination of witty humor and facts around how business owners are missing a trick when it comes to building with accessibility in mind. Dan Edwards

I’m still quite new to public speaking and always honoured when people find my talks and workshops inspiring.

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