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  • A Letter From the Promised Land

    16:00 · 7th Sep 2014

    In which I pretend to be a turn of the 20th century immigrant who is writing home to the family and friends he has left behind for a brighter future in the new world.


  • Like a Batpunch™ to the Dick

    11:06 · 10th Nov 2013

    In which, instead of reviewing Batman: Arkham Origins, I tell the story of Steven, henchman #537.

  • Corvo’s Journal of Awesomeness

    01:30 · 5th Jun 2013

    Follow the self-proclaimed awesome adventures of Corvo as he stabs his way through Dunwall, seeking revenge for those who dissed his honour in Dishonored, a stealth action adventure game originally released in 2012, that I just got to on my to-play list.

  • The Other Kind of Green

    23:00 · 13th Apr 2013

    In which I talk about the basics of bean freshness and roasting my own beans using a Hot Air Popcorn Popper.

  • The Worst Assassin in the World

    23:44 · 6th Apr 2013

    Hitman: Absolution was on sale—on Steam—for £4.99 so I couldn’t resist getting the latest instalment in the long running franchise that is the Hitman series. What follows is the recollection of a tale of failure and ineptitude because as it turned out, I am a pretty terrible assassin.




  • The 10 Second Interview

    18:15 · 12th Jul 2010

    In which I interview myself in the ultimate exercise in narcissism.

  • A Trip Down Nostalgia Avenue

    08:36 · 27th Mar 2010

    In which I play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm and get my ass handed to me by the enemy on Easy difficulty.