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  • Mind the Zap

    07:00 · 7th Apr 2019

    In which I swear at Google Home and its inability to recognise simple commands.


  • Beating the Bullies of Banking

    07:00 · 17th Jun 2018

    In which I get hands-on experience with Transferwise’s new Borderless account and its accompanying Mastercard debit card, spending less money for more value when traveling abroad.


  • Living Without a TV

    19:00 · 11th Mar 2016

    In which I talk about the fact that we don’t have access to digital broadcasting signals.


  • Lights, Camera, Something!

    17:15 · 18th Oct 2015

    In which gets a much needed upgrade in the form of a DSLR camera.

  • I, for One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

    14:00 · 21st Mar 2015

    In which the future is already here, Skynet is already self-aware and we’re all basically fucked. But in a totally delightful way that I welcome.


  • My Stunning 5 and a Half Inches

    14:30 · 27th Jul 2014

    In which I give in to O2’s constant pestering and renew my contract with them and get a new phone.

  • A Place to Call Home

    22:49 · 11th Mar 2014

    In which I finally move my blog to my very own domain and begin the arduous process of designing this new website of mine.




  • Dear Internet

    17:53 · 24th Jul 2011

    In which my blog reaches porn-status by outranking Candi the dirty cum slut for the search term free slutcocking movies.


  • My New Phone

    08:13 · 14th Aug 2010

    In which I get fed up with waiting for my new HTC Desire and order a Samsung Galaxy instead.