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  • The Beauty of Daily Routines

    07:00 · 18th Nov 2018

    In which I outline the practical steps and positive results of embracing the beauty of a daily routine.


  • The Other Kind of Green

    23:00 · 13th Apr 2013

    In which I talk about the basics of bean freshness and roasting my own beans using a Hot Air Popcorn Popper.


  • This Monday Sucks a Little Less

    11:54 · 26th Mar 2012

    In which I make a chart depicting the levels Days of the week sucks and get a coffee delivery from the UK.


  • Jamaican Blue Meh

    20:49 · 19th Oct 2011

    In which I drink and review one of the most expensive coffees in the world, the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain.

  • I Had a B-Day

    12:43 · 19th Jun 2011

    In which I celebrate my 21st birthday for the sixth time.

  • Nine Days Later

    12:12 · 15th May 2011

    In which I’ve reduced my refined sugar intake and started drinking fresher coffee.