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  • Reboot: Raw Data II

    12:00 · 26th Aug 2020

    In which I publish the accessibility results from Pa11y and Google Lighthouse.

  • Reboot: Performance Budget

    09:00 · 1st Aug 2020

    In which I do a systemic analysis of the past performance to define the practical budget for the reboot.

  • Reboot: Raw Data I

    06:30 · 27th Jul 2020

    In which I publish the raw Pageviews data from Google Analytics.

  • The Vitruvian Man Returns

    07:00 · 29th Mar 2020

    In which we look at how well I’ve managed to balance my Venn diagram of physical, mental and social well-being.


  • Minimalism is #$@&%*!

    07:00 · 4th Aug 2019

    In which I give you my top tips for making the road to minimalist living more bearable.

  • Mind the Zap

    07:00 · 7th Apr 2019

    In which I swear at Google Home and its inability to recognise simple commands.

  • The Vitruvian Man

    07:00 · 24th Feb 2019

    In which I embark on a year-long journey of continued self-discovery by learning about and measuring my well-being through quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Three Pricks and Two Vials

    07:00 · 10th Feb 2019

    In which I become pro-active with my health, take matters into my own hands and draw blood samples in my kitchen.

  • Mellowing My Motherforking Moods

    07:00 · 27th Jan 2019

    In which I spend a year tracking my moods and start learning mature coping mechanisms to deal with life’s ups and downs.


  • Managing My Motherfucking Moods

    07:00 · 15th Jul 2018

    In which I spend six months being my own emotional detective, tracking my moods and figuring out what makes me tick.


  • Push Ups, Planks and Puking

    11:00 · 15th Nov 2015

    In which I continue this new-found obsession with quantifying myself, looking at the exercise progress I’ve made and realise I sleep more than I think, albeit unevenly.


  • The Logarithmic Love/Hate Chart

    11:35 · 17th Mar 2013

    In which I make a chart, looking how people feel about different thing such as love, hate and Marmite.



  • Dear Internet

    17:53 · 24th Jul 2011

    In which my blog reaches porn-status by outranking Candi the dirty cum slut for the search term free slutcocking movies.