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  • A Very Merry Carlos Christmas Playlist

    22:30 · 17th Dec 2014

    In which I give you, most handsomest of readers, a carefully curated playlist of classic Christmas songs, modern Christmas songs and Gregorian chant songs.

  • Sweet, Sweet Nightmares

    23:00 · 22nd Oct 2014

    In which my entire evening is rescued by a crazy Norweigan guy named Leo Moracchioli and his cover of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army.



  • The Sittingbourne Sessions

    15:24 · 21st May 2012

    In which I record a few cover songs, including the one I auditioned with for Idols months ago.

  • Job Hunting and Me

    14:06 · 6th Jan 2012

    In which I’ve started hunting for a job in the UK.


  • A Looming Embarrassment

    18:50 · 16th Nov 2011

    In which I decide to join a friend and audition for the reality television-music competition Idols.

  • Under The Weather

    12:53 · 13th Aug 2011

    In which I feel a bit under the weather but still manage to perform at this year’s Night of Arts.

  • Illegal Mushrooms

    18:23 · 28th Jun 2011

    In which I dig through the embarrassing archive that is a shitty song I created in FruityLoops years ago.


  • Music and Me

    19:35 · 27th Dec 2010

    In which I talk about the some times confusing song writing process I have.

  • Unstabbable Feet

    17:24 · 22nd Aug 2010

    In which I write a song without a deep hidden meaning.