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  • A Decade Later

    11:20 · 14th May 2022

    In which I celebrate calling United Kingdom my home for the past ten years.



  • Jingoistic June, Justifiable July and Accepting August, Issue 06-08/16

    12:00 · 25th Sep 2016

    In this month’s triple issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: My previous accessibility article finds an online home, I refuse to celebrate my birthday, fucking Brexit, I party with old friends in Finland, we visit a wild animal park, I complete my first 5K and we finally find a new home in Cambridge.


  • Outstanding October, Issue 10/15

    16:00 · 1st Nov 2015

    In this month’s issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: I head down to Camber Sands for a weekend, Lucien and I catch up with all the Marvel film, I get a camera and become a published writer, the new website goes live and we celebrate Halloween.

  • A Finn in the Forest, Part II

    21:15 · 24th Sep 2015

    In which I return from the forest to talk about my experiences at Web in the Woods, the conference with a campfire.

  • A Finn in the Forest, Part I

    18:30 · 22nd Sep 2015

    In which I manage to get ready to live out in the woods for a weekend in what is probably the longest entry to date. Reviewing oh so many different products I also reach a new low when I review a spoon.

  • Jolly July and Amusing August, Issue 07-08/15

    21:00 · 1st Sep 2015

    In this month’s double issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: Lucien celebrates his 7th birthday, my brother and I battle it out Dubsmash style, my mom visits, I become undead for a photoshoot and we go to two different museums at two different times.

  • Beards, Brains and Beauty

    21:00 · 31st Aug 2015

    In which I, and the rest of Squiders, take a day off work to do a photo shoot which involves more blood than anyone had imagined.

  • Magnificent May, Issue 05/15

    15:15 · 31st May 2015

    In this month’s issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: I finally finish my sleeve tattoo, reach the halfway mark of my beard journey, go to Comic Con for a third time and start drinking better beer.

  • I, for One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

    14:00 · 21st Mar 2015

    In which the future is already here, Skynet is already self-aware and we’re all basically fucked. But in a totally delightful way that I welcome.


  • The Super Heroic Weekly Update

    01:30 · 20th Jul 2014

    Lucien turns an incredible 6 years old and in honour of that, almost everyone dresses up like a super hero.

  • Carlos Goes to MCM London Comic Con

    18:40 · 26th May 2014

    I start the weekend by attending my first—but definitely not last—Comic Con convention in London and find myself munching on some much needed reindeer meat later on.

  • Jesus is Dead, Let’s Eat Chocolate

    16:00 · 18th Apr 2014

    With temperatures between 12–17° C I really feel like spring is not only here, it’s here to stay. You know what’s also here? Easter.



  • Living in Alan, with Alan

    19:54 · 26th Aug 2012

    In which I finally reveal what our new home looks like, in all its semi-furnished glory.