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  • The Last Abominable Weekly Update

    11:20 · 15th Nov 2014

    In which I hit the final nail in the coffin that is my weekly updates and lay out the future plans for the new and improved monthly updates.

  • A Frivolous Flight to Finland

    23:00 · 3rd Oct 2014

    In which I give up trying to write a funny post about the weekend when I flew to Finland to get drunk of my ass.

  • A Letter From the Promised Land

    16:00 · 7th Sep 2014

    In which I pretend to be a turn of the 20th century immigrant who is writing home to the family and friends he has left behind for a brighter future in the new world.

  • My Stunning 5 and a Half Inches

    14:30 · 27th Jul 2014

    In which I give in to O2’s constant pestering and renew my contract with them and get a new phone.

  • The Super Heroic Weekly Update

    01:30 · 20th Jul 2014

    Lucien turns an incredible 6 years old and in honour of that, almost everyone dresses up like a super hero.

  • Notice of Termination

    23:00 · 11th Jul 2014

    Sometimes, a lot can happen in a short span of time. The best way to deal with this, is to press it down into that deep dark crevice where it can fester until it kills you. No? Oh, right. No, it’s the other thing you’re supposed to do.

  • Midsummer, Our Most Cherished Pagan Holiday

    23:45 · 22nd Jun 2014

    Join me as I attempt to explain the curious tradition that is midsummer and top it of with a video greeting to all of you. But mostly you. Yes, you.

  • Carlos Goes to MCM London Comic Con

    18:40 · 26th May 2014

    I start the weekend by attending my first—but definitely not last—Comic Con convention in London and find myself munching on some much needed reindeer meat later on.

  • Fun-Filled Festivities For the Family

    19:50 · 7th May 2014

    From watching dancers with bell pads on their shins and building Lego mechs to getting slightly intoxicated with the Portuguese and protecting the world from an Ancient One, this has been a busy weekend.

  • Getting Inked Again

    21:00 · 26th Apr 2014

    Oooh, what’s this? Another post? An Abominable Weekly Update? Well it’s about time. Feast your eyes on a little of this and a little of that.

  • Veni, Vidi, Edi Vii

    12:42 · 12th Apr 2014

    Which should translate to “I came, I saw, I ate the Buffalo”. A very fitting title considering the theme of this weeks main event.

  • No Sleep, For I Am the Werewolf

    23:05 · 11th Apr 2014

    Continuing from last week’s “I’m Definitely Too Old For This Shit” I thought I should tell you how my board game marathon went.

  • I’m Definitely Too Old For This Shit

    00:30 · 5th Apr 2014

    In honour of tomorrow’s International TableTop Day I have actually planned on doing the most appropriate thing ever. How appropriate!

  • A Trip Back to the Year 1992

    07:00 · 22nd Mar 2014

    In this week’s episode of “Shit we did this week”, my son and I go back to the year of 1992 to experience some good old fashion gaming.