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  • In Memoriam: Swansong

    20:00 · 21st Apr 2017

    In which I, after many failed attempts, manage to record the song I wrote for Amanda.



  • Sweet, Sweet Nightmares

    23:00 · 22nd Oct 2014

    In which my entire evening is rescued by a crazy Norweigan guy named Leo Moracchioli and his cover of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army.

  • Midsummer, Our Most Cherished Pagan Holiday

    23:45 · 22nd Jun 2014

    Join me as I attempt to explain the curious tradition that is midsummer and top it of with a video greeting to all of you. But mostly you. Yes, you.

  • Super-Happy Saturday

    00:43 · 18th May 2014

    Despite going for burgers again this week I really didn’t feel like writing about it. So instead of that, you get a post with videos of stand-up comedians. That’s not disappointing, right?

  • The Baticipation

    22:00 · 30th Apr 2014

    Time to complete the trilogy that Rocksteady Studios started with Batman: Arkham Asylum back in 2009. So here we are, five years later and the final game is imminent.

  • Games I’m Eagerly Awaiting II

    07:00 · 17th Mar 2014

    You want to know the best part about actually having played all those games I had on my to-do list? As new games are announced I can start getting excited about those games, as opposed to the ones that came out circa 2011.



  • The Sittingbourne Sessions

    15:24 · 21st May 2012

    In which I record a few cover songs, including the one I auditioned with for Idols months ago.


  • Music and Me

    19:35 · 27th Dec 2010

    In which I talk about the some times confusing song writing process I have.