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  • Reboot: Type Scale-ish

    07:00 · 22nd Oct 2020

    In which looking the type scale sends me down a rabbit hole of the origin of heading sizes, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Web Standards.

  • Reboot: Raw Data II

    12:00 · 26th Aug 2020

    In which I publish the accessibility results from Pa11y and Google Lighthouse.

  • Reboot: Performance Budget

    09:00 · 1st Aug 2020

    In which I do a systemic analysis of the past performance to define the practical budget for the reboot.

  • Reboot: Raw Data I

    06:30 · 27th Jul 2020

    In which I publish the raw Pageviews data from Google Analytics.

  • Reboot: Incident Report

    18:00 · 9th Jul 2020

    In which correct protocols and procedures must be maintained, following an incident of this nature.

  • Reboot: New Content Outline for Entries

    17:00 · 8th Jul 2020

    In which I we review the purpose of the Journal Entries page, its content outline and any outstanding structural housekeeping tasks.

  • Reboot: Information Architecture

    07:20 · 7th Mar 2020

    In which I review how URLs should reveal the underlying structure of things and allow people to explore.

  • Reboot: Multitudes

    10:35 · 29th Feb 2020

    In which I add a new section to my site to showcase my selected work.

  • Reboot: ‘Business’ Goals

    16:50 · 26th Feb 2020

    In which I want to add a bunch of new stuff but I want to make sure that stuff isn’t there just for the sake of it.

  • Reboot: Taking Stock

    19:00 · 19th Feb 2020

    In which I take stock of the pages I’ve gathered over the years.

  • Reboot

    07:00 · 16th Feb 2020

    In which I begin rebooting this site.


  • Be the Change

    07:00 · 2nd Jun 2019

    In which I lay the foundation for the upcoming reboot of this website and its blog.

  • BIMA 100: Champion for Change

    07:00 · 19th May 2019

    In which I’m selected to become one of BIMA’s Champions for Change and get to suit up to go to the OXO Tower in London.



  • Back to the Past

    16:29 · 21st Oct 2015

    In which I travel to the past to see what carloseriksson.com looked like 12 years ago, to the present to look at where things are now and to the future to talk about what’s just over the horizon.


  • Notice of Termination

    23:00 · 11th Jul 2014

    Sometimes, a lot can happen in a short span of time. The best way to deal with this, is to press it down into that deep dark crevice where it can fester until it kills you. No? Oh, right. No, it’s the other thing you’re supposed to do.

  • A Place to Call Home

    22:49 · 11th Mar 2014

    In which I finally move my blog to my very own domain carloseriksson.com and begin the arduous process of designing this new website of mine.




  • Post-Launch

    07:00 · 17th Sep 2011

    In which I make some updates to our brand-spanking new version of our NHL statistics tracking tool.

  • Why So Secretive?

    20:44 · 8th Sep 2011

    In which I reveal the next, brand-spanking new version of our NHL statistics tracking tool.


  • Volume 4, Up And Running

    17:53 · 15th Oct 2009

    In which the redesign of 2009 is officially launched despite the lacking content.