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  • A Finn in the Forest, Part II

    21:15 · 24th Sep 2015

    In which I return from the forest to talk about my experiences at Web in the Woods, the conference with a campfire.

  • A Finn in the Forest, Part I

    18:30 · 22nd Sep 2015

    In which I manage to get ready to live out in the woods for a weekend in what is probably the longest entry to date. Reviewing oh so many different products I also reach a new low when I review a spoon.

  • Oh Shit, Camping!

    19:15 · 12th Aug 2015

    In which I realise that it’s only a month until my first speaking event and it’s dawning on me how ill prepared I am.

  • Web in the Woods

    13:00 · 12th Apr 2015

    In which I talk about talking. In the woods. With a fire and everything.