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  • Year-in-Review 2021

    06:27 · 28th Dec 2021

    In which I look back at my life in 2021, pandemic and all.



  • Year-in-Review 2019

    07:00 · 28th Dec 2019

    In which I look back at the year and reflect on how I’ve learned to be a little kinder to myself.

  • A Series of Fortunate Events

    07:00 · 13th Jan 2019

    In which I look back at all the things I had no plans of doing last year but did anyway.


  • In Hindsight

    07:00 · 30th Dec 2018

    In which I look back at the year that has passed with all its intentions, failures and lessons.


  • The End

    09:00 · 30th Dec 2017

    In which this year and our story, comes to its necessary end.


  • Respice Aspice et Spera

    15:00 · 31st Dec 2016

    In which this fucking year finally comes to a fucking end. Giving way for something new, something better.


  • Dear Twenty-Fifteen

    13:00 · 31st Dec 2015

    In which the time has come for Twenty-Fifteen and I to break up with each other. By which I mean, I’m breaking up with Twenty-Fifteen.



  • Looking Both Ways (a Recap)

    21:55 · 31st Dec 2012

    In which I recap the tumultuous year that involved packing a bag each and moving to a completely new country.


  • Come Take Me!

    16:11 · 31st Dec 2011

    In which I recap the year that has gone by with all its ups and downs, and the t-shirts, let’s not forget the t-shirts.


  • Alpha and Omega

    08:41 · 31st Dec 2010

    In which I recap the year that has gone by in all its splendor.