In which I show off my holiday pictures from our trip back to Finland.

Home, Sweet Home (With Pictures)

745 words about life — 16:52 · 18th Aug 2013

I hope you weren’t eagerly awaiting a post back when I was in Finland because as I’m sure you could can figure out, I was busy doing stuff. Not just any kind of stuff either but important stuff.


Let’s go with that. Important stuff.

No? No one believes that even for a second? Fine.

If I had written a post back when we were still in Finland — who knows, maybe I tried? — it might have looked a bit like this;

We finally of course made it to Finland — as anyone who follows me on Twitter can attest to — and as I’m sitting here, in what used to be my childhood room, I’m trying my best to not sound like Carrie from Sex And The City… but it’s difficult.

Not because I want to sound like her but for some reason my blog writing inner monologue voice is that… of a New York woman in her mid-thirties.

Yeah, I don’t know why either but it’s been like this for years already and well… there’s no point is stopping now.

I can still remember this room very clearly because there’s another room right next to it that wasn’t mine — not at first at least — but that had the unfortunate luck of sharing the same door as mine, which meant every time someone wanted to go to the other room, they had to go through mine.

But as we all know I didn’t write anything during our stay and rather than try to explain in words all the experiences I had I thought I would do the only reasonable thing and show you, with pictures.

So without further ado, I give you The Re-Return Tour Of 2013 Collage. For extra fun, see if you can spot all the different pop-culture references that I have put into the captions.

The view from inside the plane to Finland, souring over the clouds.
“He's got the whole world in his hands, he's got the…”
A breathtaking sunset during the Finnish summer.
2013-08-08 T 22:35:24+02:00
Seaman's Shots Extra Hot, a salty liquorice infused spirit.
Drinking Rum Before 10a.m. Makes You A Pirate Not An Alcoholic. But That’s Not Rum. Shhh.
The breathtaking view from my friend cabin by the ocean.
“Ahh, The Great Outdoors!”
An open fire with logs of birch and pine.
Burn Baby Burn
An animation of my two friends in playing around, one pushing the other into the water and then jumping after himself.
The Two Trammps
A raging fire.
Disco Inferno
Lucien sitting in pedal-powered go-kart.
“Here We Go!”
Cool looking Lego ninja standing atop a roof with a katana.
Super Revenge Of The Moderately Angry Ninja, Part I, II & III
One of the guest bedrooms at my childhood home.
A Room With A View
A coffee mug brightly lit by the morning sun.
Mandatory Hipster Photograph Of Morning Beverage
Lego knights fighting a fire-breathing Lego dragon.
“Never Laugh At Live Dragons”
Close up of the safety instruction on our flight to Finland.
Warning: Objects In The Window May Appear More On Fire Than They Really Are
Lego Bionicle figure that resembles the Predator from the Predator film series.
“If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It”

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