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  • “Oh, I can’t wait to get up and make everything I do into a product,” said no-one, ever.

  • In summary, Tailwind is shit because it only solves problems that it itself has created. And quite frankly I don’t need those problems.

  • There are few things I hate as much as tacit knowledge and bullshit. And those who wield the former to spout the latter.

  • I can’t wait for people to start analysing and finding meaning in the nonsense fabrications produced by AI and LLMs. It’s going to suck so much.


  • Following their own standards for ChatGPT, by 2071, The Republic of England will hold a referendum to withdraw from the International Safety Regulations for Artificial Intelligence (ISRAI). They’ll call it Chexit.

  • “I am anxious.”

    You are not your emotion. You are you, and the emotion is a data source.

    Instead, try: “I am feeling anxious.”

    This creates critical space between you and the emotion. Your emotion is a cloud. You, are the sky.

  • We optimize our life for certainty. What if instead, we approached everything and everyone from a place of curiosity? Ness Labs

  • What can I do, with the resources I have, my capabilities, and the market I can study and reach, that will build a business?