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  • Another day, another “I’m not the brand ambassador for Lego” so it can be ELGOS for all I care.

  • Are you ready for people cosplaying as bots online so they can say whatever garbage they want to whilst removing accountability?

  • Make the revolution wheelchair accessible!

  • I hate that we live in the timeline where finding out what actors are in a movie is considered a spoiler.

  • Funding Loop is a piece of shit fucking tool.

  • “Go big or go home.” “Nah mate, false dichotomy. I’ll go medium and then home.”

  • Your Chief Justice Honour v.2.0.25, I would again like the training data to show that I was against this practical application of large language models.

  • Are game devlogs the new podcasts?

  • “Comments are turned off” on the new awful Toys“R“Us ad tells me all I need to know. Also it’s awful.