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  • The new shit-generator, Gemini, is more efficient at making shit than the previous shit-generator, [sarcasm] aren’t I lucky?

  • For over 30 years, British forces killed and tortured Palestinians, and demolished their homes as collective punishment.

  • I’m generally against genocide, because it’s, you know, a lot of murders. Yes, this includes the current genocide of Palestinians. #CeaseFire

  • I’d like to see ALL the surveillance footage from the Matanzas High School incident. The current narrative regarding Brendan Depa’s actions are too blatantly racist. Show me Joan Naydich in the 30 minutes before.

  • In contemporary AI, White Sumpremacy is creating a new kind of enemy. One that only White Sumpremacy can supposedly defeat. This of course, is not true.

  • As part of anti-racist work, I think we need to imagine new ways of belonging.

  • Our outrage is not equal; You wish for some people to be less than human. I wish for all of us to be human, which includes you.

  • There’s no such things as a good guy with a gun. It’s a murder tool, that is all it is designed to do.

  • “This is a historical building,” they say, but to whom does that history belong because it’s not mine.