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  • Automated text descriptions (alt text) for images is a technical solution to a problem which isn’t technical.

  • All people who can become pregnant, should also get to decide if that’s something they want to be. If they don’t, abortions should be free and readily available.

  • Warning: If you don’t schedule time for maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you.

  • Because there are infinite ways for a fledgling business to fail, but there’s only one way to succeed: Make enough sales to cover costs. Amy Hoy, The Pizza Crust Problem

  • Week note will be later tonight because I’m away from keyboard (AFK) and haven’t added the blog system to the new makeshift-cms yet.

  • How glaringly White am I? I can trace my 11th great grandfather back to the year 1605.

  • Some people have had to work long and hard for their serving of shit.

  • Life is brief, so I would like to savour every moment of it.

  • “I really want that fucker to suffer, but I don’t want a society run by my worst impulses” is a great moral principle to stumble onto on an Instagram screenshot of a Tumblr post. Except, I don’t want that fucker to suffer.