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  • Watching 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time. Streaming it from a pirate site, whilst bedridden with a nasty cold and mindlessly scrolling on my phone—just like Stanley Kubrick would have wanted it.

  • Decolonise, decolonise, decolonise.

  • Now that the old matriarchal arshole is dead, shall we tax the rest of the poshos properly?

  • Looks at list of muted words that includes “elon musk” and “nft”.

    Adds “queen”.

  • Yes, it’s sad that an 96-years-old woman died today. Probably a bit more sad that ~54 other people died today, of the pandemic we’re still very much in.

  • Being a landlord should be both illegal, and unethical.

  • #ThisMorning can we just fucking revolt already?

  • The reality is that your actions whether you intend them to be or not are indicative of an implied belief system. @Imani_Barbarin

  • Sometimes I wonder why I’m not usually seeing all the nonsense that brands post on Twitter. Until I remember that I’ve blocked 686 of them.