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  • It’s fabrications, not hallucinations. It isn’t sentient.

  • I don’t actually believe in Cartesian dualism btw.

  • Are you ready for “hyper-efficient content creation, highly personalized marketing, [and] more streamlined customer service operations”? Are you ready to become the ghosts in the machines?

  • Democratise everything!

  • Imagine never queuing on the phone again but instead you’re having to argue with an AI chatbot about your right to live.

  • Once you monetize your own authenticity, is it still authentic?

  • Dr Joan Meyer is the first “author” I’ve found with books everywhere who’s clearly AI-written nonsense. 175 books across dozens of platforms so far. It will get worse.

  • Well worth your time today:

  • Proposal to call it in-beefro.