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  • Fundamentally, am I able to receive the love from anyone, if I’m not also giving it to myself?

  • Three sentences into bell hook’s All About Love and I can see what a gut-punch of recognition this is going contain.

  • Sex work is work. It’s fucking work.

  • In our White Supremacist Capitalist Ableist Patriarchal society, the first act of activism is staying alive.

  • Self diagnosis is valid.

  • I fucking hate kinetic captions as actual captions. Thanks a lot, I was actually trying to read that my saccades don’t work like that.

  • Feminism is how I add back the details of my humanity that patriarchy stole from me.

  • IQ as a thing, is racist as fuck to begin with. It is a eugenicist construct.

  • I’m not interested in rugged individualism. I want to plant and nurture relationships and communities.