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  • Oh, so by “everyone”, you didn’t actually mean everyone, you just meant abled people. I guess Disabled people can go fuck themselves as usual then. You Post-founding asshole.

  • If your MVP doesn’t meet basic accessibility, guess what, it’s actually a Minimum Unviable Product (MUP).

  • We’re now fractured again, our activism spread across multiple unmanaged platforms. THAT was always the method, with everything else being collateral damage.

  • It seems to me, that running Twitter into the ground with a “divide and conquer” approach is exactly what a billionaire white supremacist would do.

  • It seems to me that many organisations like to do biased group-thinking and call it collaboration.

  • “Muscular Christianity strikes again,” I think as I read Raquel S. Benedict’s (@benedict_rs) phenomenal Everyone is Beautiful and No One is Horny

  • Repeat after me (I say to myself), “I cannot self-care out of systemic mental health crises.”

  • Effective altruism is exactly the kind of ignorant and privileged shit I expect from white guys.

  • This links from Twitter to my website, where you can find me. There’s 14 years of nonsense here so you’re bound to find something.