My fortnightly journal is where I write about things that interest me, lately it’s been wellbeing, social justice and building a knowledge management system for one. Subscribe to the feed.


  • In which we listen to the 20-plus-years of singing, songwriting and playing the guitar that I’ve done.

    Melodies with Stories

  • In which I publish my personal take on one of the scales for measuring pain.

    Life With the Painometer at a Permanent Three

  • In which I write week notes for 26th December 2022 to 1st January 2023.

    Week Note, Y22 W52

  • In which I reflect on 2022, pandemic, job changes and everything else.

    Carlos Wrapped, 2022

  • In which we’re all a bit sick but send you our best season’s greetings anyway.

    A Very Viral Christmas

  • In which I write week notes for 19th to 25th December.

    Week Note, Y22 W51

  • In which I write week notes for 12th to 18th December.

    Week Note, Y22 W50

  • In which I write week notes for 5th to 11th December.

    Week Note, Y22 W49

  • In which I write week notes for 28th November to 4th December.

    Week Note, Y22 W48


Like the mythical Elephants’ graveyard, this is where all my Journal entries come for their final rest.

Entries are also organised across Themes and Topics for your browsing pleasure (but I'm reviewing these atm).