In which I return to MCM London Comic Con and get the broodiest selfie ever with none other than Batman.

Carlos Returns to MCM London Comic Con

695 words about life — 22:30 · 29th Oct 2014

Last Saturday Steve, Pete and I, joined by first-timers Giorgos and Matt, went to MCM London Comic Con, again.

We’ve decided that next time we are definitely dressing up and I’ve already started on my costume.

Large crowd outside of London Comic Con, October 2014
Let's play a game of “Where’s Iron Man?”

Just like last time, there was a massive amount of people. In fact, with a total of 110,197 people coming through the doors, last weekend’s comic convention went Hulk on—smashing—the previous record of 101,600 which was held by the show from last May.

Unlike the first time we went to Comic Con—when I ran around like chipmunk on amphetamine—I managed to keep my cool this time. And looking back at the pictures from my previous visit, I felt like I could have taken more interesting pictures.

Keeping that in mind as we walked around I tried talking to people more than I had last time, thinking that perhaps I could make the experience as memorable for them as it was for me.

Whether I succeeded is a different story but at least Green Arrow was nice enough to lend me his bow, which was much heavier than I had expected.

Me, getting to borrow Green Arrow's bow
Arrrgh, quiver me timbers.
Loki striking a pose
Tom? Is that you?

The cosplayers and their costumes have quite a wide level of quality, ranging from guy simply wearing a Adventure Time Finn’s hat to the incredible Tom Hiddleston look-a-like whose costume looked equally incredible.

Large gang of cosplayers dressed as characters from the Dragon Ball series.
Their power levels where over 9000.
Man in Predator costume at Comic Con, October 2014
“Hey guys. Hey, you guys. I really think we should be going to the helicopter.”

Or as Dutch—played by Arnold Schwarzenegger—would have said it; “Get to the Chopper!”

Billy the Puppet (from the Saw film series) pointing at a puppet of himself
“Who does that guy think he is?”

This is my favorite picture, not for its artistic value but for the sheer coincidence behind it.

I was standing there, admiring a Terminator head prop used in Terminator 2 when I noticed the Billy (from the Saw film series) puppet sitting atop his signature tricycle amongst their props. I wanted to get closer to take a picture of it and as I began making my way around the crowd who should stand next to me if not a guy dresses as the very same Billy puppet.

In the interest of taking better pictures this time, I naturally asked him if he would mind coming with me and posing with the tricycle Billy.

He didn’t and I got my favorite picture of Comic Con.

It of course wouldn’t be Comic Con if I didn’t also get myself a super-sweet T-shirt. Which I did. This time I got myself a Joker tee by incredibly talented David Bircham.

Unfortunately they didn’t have my size on location, so they’re going to send it by post and I can expect it to arrive this week.

Me and Batman taking a selfie
The broodiest selfie ever.

No Comic Con is complete without a Batman selfie. It was only afterwards that I noticed that he looks significantly happier in the picture than I do.

Maybe next time I can be more like Batman and smile in pictures too.


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