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Project: Board Game (Status Update)

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The first blog post featuring Island of Eternity, the 1930’s styled adventure board game I’m creating.

Island of Eternity mockup showing the board and box design
Early mockup of Island of Eternity.

I’m going to pretend that I’ve had a number of earlier posts about the board game I’m making. I haven’t so don’t look for them, but for the sake of this post let’s pretend I have.. I am happy to announce that my board game is getting closer to the open group testing now. Meaning anyone is welcomed to try it. Still adjusting the prototype and whatnot, or should I say prototype-s, as I am currently trying to make it so that I have many prototypes (two) for testing. And the translated cards need to be tweaked some for, before I can produce another batch of them. But so far so good.

The above picture by the way, is a concept image, not an actual photo, but yeah, it does look like that. And it’s awesomely fun to play!

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