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Sssh, They Might See Me


№79 ~2 minutes

    In which I write a journal entry retelling the epic adventure of flying to the UK.

    Journal, part I.

    I’m preparing for night two in this foreign land. I feel pretty confident at this stage that the local population had been made aware of my presence, despite my best efforts to conceal it. Fear not though dear readers as I have figured out the patterns by which they move and with the secret to blendning in.

    It appears many of them use a sort of sub terrainial form of transportation, referred to by the local population as “ndrgrnd”. And when using this transportation they all appear very.. well.. bored for lack of a better word, trying all forms of entertainment whilst in “transit” such as reading newspapers or listening to “music”. It is in these observations that I have made my discovery, which I shall call “Carlosian Stealth”, after it’s great inventor.. me.

    By appearing as indifferent as the local population I have managed to blend in, become one of them. Or so I hope because I can only imagine what would happen to me should they ever find out that I am not truly one of them. I may have tasted their local cuisine (an odd sausage looking thing with beans on the side, that I hope to never have to endure again) and walked amongst them but I have not yet become as they seem to call a… “Lndner”.

    As night falls I have taken refuge in my temporary shelter for I dare not try to walk amongst them at night. With time I will most likely be forced to venture out at night as well, but for now I have managed to make due with the supplies at hand.

    Only time will tell… only time.

    End of Journal, part I.

    The next entry comes out in 7 days.

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