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Volume 4, Up And Running

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The redesign of 2009 is officially launched despite the lacking content.

Hell yeah, Volume 4 of Fiinix Design is online and working more or less properly. I had some nasty bugs in IE I had to care of but now it works. Still have to add all the content to Showcase and Portfolio. As some of you might have noticed it get’s a bit wierd in the end.

Don’t worry though, I just fixed that too, but I still have to add content, but for now it will at least not try to load images that aren’t available as it did earlier. Ignore the number that says there’s 25 items to view for now, it’s lying. Yes it really does..

But other than that and a few possible kinks that need to be solved it’s awesome, so visit it…

Fiinix Design no longer online.

Full view of the Home page of Fiinix Design, 2009
The tagline “Will work for money” still makes me chuckle.

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