In which I introduce the entire recording of my performance at Night of Arts.

Performing And Having a Cold (Part II, The Videos)

289 words about creative — 11:35 · 25th Aug 2009

drum roll

I finally managed to capture the video of my Night of the Arts performance. I cut it up into tiny little pieces (one song being 1.17 Gb). I’m in the middle I’m making sure they end up on youtube as we speak, kinda. I’m not actually doing anything about it right now as the upload speed I have available right now is 512 Kb so I’m going to wait until I get home, where I have a whopping 832 or something like that. At least it should be a little faster, but I don’t forsee getting all of the videos online today, maybe two (50%) of them if I’m lucky. Like luck would have anything to do with it.

But until I’ve gotten them uploaded I thought I would write down the set list. So here it goes, this it what you have to look forward to (trust me… you trust me right? Well you should because it’s awesome).

  • Part I, Leap of Faith, by Carlos (Original Song)
  • Part II, Most Lesbians, by Carlos (Original Song)
  • Part III, Into The Night, by Carlos (The Motorhomes Cover)
  • Part IV, Made of Glass, by Carlos (Original Song)

Accompanying me wonderfully with a 12-string and 6-string guitar is BG.

BG is an excellent guitarist, which he proves nicely keeping up with my slightly odd rhythms sometimes, especially considering that one of the songs were written 3 hours before the performance.

I, on the other hand was still recovering from a cold. But enough excuses!

Yes the videos are dark, the audio is filled with background noises from the audience as well as being muddy at times. But it’s still awesome, and that’s all that counts. :)

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