In which I begin rebooting this site.


364 words about creative — 07:00 · 16th Feb 2020

Back in 2014, I designed this site in the open. Warts and all, every mistake was live the day I made them. From search forms without styles to watercolour experiments that didn’t pan out, it was a truly iterative process of designing in the open and I loved every messy minute of it.

What I didn’t do, however, was document anything. None of my thoughts, decisions or purposeful omissions was written down.

If you asked me why I did anything now, I wouldn’t remember it anymore.

So that’s what I’m doing differently this time.

Or in the words of my friend Tatiana, “Because without documentation, what even the fuck am I doing? “

Starting today, entries related to the redesign will begin with “Reboot:” to distinguish them from the rest of my journal. This entry will act as a table of contents.

Expect entries to be focussed on a single problem as much as possible and with little copy-editing.

Table of contents, by year





You’ve just read Reboot.

In which, 4 years ago, I wrote 364 words about creative and I covered topics, such as: web design , and behind the scenes .