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08:21 · 27th May 2009 - 279 words about creative

Turns out some of my creations have made it to the almighty internet (link).

And it’s a good thing too seeing as my own website is in a bit of a flux at the moment, flux in this case meaning “layout done, almost no content yet”. And has been so for months, yeah to be honest I just got bored with the layout and started working on something new instead, toying around with some liquid css this time around. I will have to see how it shapes itself later on, and maybe it’ll become the new home of Fiinix Design - Volume 3. Though as a friend so nicely pointed out to me, technically it’s version 52 or something.

But back to the matter at hand, as I was saying, turns out my creations made it to be the internet, before I even had a chance to display them myself. So to rectify this, here’s one photo of Valandil Singollo (the elf doll) that I took for my portfolio. I’ll probably post more pictures when I get the the chance, and finish the all the dolls.

The goblin shaman is yet to be completed, I just had it in the exhibition (Ihanko pihalla) to display parts of the work process, albeit a very late stage of the work process.

Yes, they’re awesome and yes, they are for sale.

Forgot to link to the site where the dolls where, corrected it now…

Elf doll sitting on wooden log
His name is: Valandil Singollo.

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