In which I ramble incoherently. Something about not waiting for inspiration but just getting to work.

Waiting For Inspiration

329 words about creative — 19:44 · 1st Sep 2009

Awesome! For years I have thought that inspiration comes to you when you least expect it. Then I read somewhere, by someone I can’t seem to recall at the moment…

…busy googling.

Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work. Chuck Close

There we go, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Anyways, that quote got me thinking a while back ago that maybe, just maybe, and bear with me now as this might get difficult.

Inspiration isn’t something you wait for, unless you don’t mind waiting a long ’effin time.

So after that epiphany I decided to work out methods to be creative, when I wanted to be creative. This is something that is especially necessary when one (me) has a child. So here I am, a couple of years later (I actually don’t remember when I read that quote) and now I have finally figured out methods that work for me, whenever I feel like being creative. Awesome!

Which brings me “kinda” back to where I started. I am right now writing a new song, I have the chorus penned down and need to connect the dots in the verses. Or more importantly right now, I need to come up with a chord structure that works in the verse, the one I have right now feels.. well it feels a bit “blah”. And I will not have “blah” for a verse. On the bright side, the lyrics for the chorus are just awesome, metaphorical and tragic at the same time.

Hype-machine anyone?

But I try not to. You’ll just have to hear it when it’s done.

Until then, in honour of Chuck Close I will just post an image of one of his paintings. This is one his paintings, called quite simply “Mark”. And before you ask, I have no idea who those two people watching the painting are, I just googled this image.

You’ve just read Waiting For Inspiration.

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