In which the development of my yet-to-be-released board game Island of Eternity continues.

I Made a Bored Game..

294 words about creative — 18:34 · 22nd Feb 2010

Pun intended. Albeit slightly false actually as it seems so far that my board game is anything but boring. People seem genuinely having fun, studying people playing, not just asking them. Come to think of I don’t actually think I’ve asked a single one if they thought it was fun. I just base my research on observations instead.

Development is going nicely. I’ve started designing the board (towards it’s finalized look as opposed to the placeholder everyone has been playing so far). Will post a picture of that later, when it looks better. Right now it’s mostly token-movement-places, not so much theme. The cards are beginning to be in a finalized stage.. Awesome! The rules have been re-written for clarification and are at rev. 0.7 or something right now. As of right now, the explanation of the rules have taken the biggest leap from “meh” to “fuck yeah!.”

Anyway, enough about that now..

All of you readers out there (both of you) just wanna see what it looks like, don’t you?

Therefore I present you with a never before seen picture of my board game (expect for publishers, they’ve seen it..). Bare in mind, this is of prototype #2 and as such things you see in the picture have already changed (for the better I promise).

The theme and humor of Island of Eternity have always been present, since the conception of this little project of mine. And that is still very much intact. As it should be…

An early prootype of Island of Eternity being played.
Early playtesting of Island of Eternity.

…Also I just realized, that I might have used the title pun before.. It is a really obvious one… hmm…

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