In which I talk about testing my board game Island of Eternity.

I’m Back Baby…

171 words about creative — 21:03 · 15th Feb 2010

Finally got the backup of my website up and running. Hell yeah!

Working insanely on my board game, it’s becoming better and better every day. I got my first external test-group a couple of weeks ago. Realized I pretty much to re-write all the rules. Rewrite as in explain things that I took for granted simply because I’ve looked too much at my own game. And express the rules better, needless to say the beast was stun. (Please ignore my stupid humor) Needless to say, the rules are awesome now, much better then they ever were. So progress.

I’m considering starting a viral marketing with the board game. Very much not sure yet though. But social websites would be an awesome playground to spread the news so to speak. Just need to get a good message first.

Anyway, just felt like posting something to reflect upon the fact that things do change and grow and such even though it’s not always visible to the outside at first.

Over, out and beyond.

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