In which I design and build an octagonal poker table out of birch and European pruce.

P-P-P-Poker Table

450 words about creative — 21:01 · 5th Dec 2010

Hello again.. or something.. Inspired by thinking about random things I just remembered (and by just I mean several hours ago) that about a year and a half ago I actually built an eight-person poker table. This project was not done on my own though as I was serving my civil duty under Kårkulla at the moment, and supervising their wood working department or something like that I suppose. We had done different kinds of stuff to sell and were a bit out of ideas at the time, I asked my supervisor what we should do next? And then she did the “mistake” like many others have done in the past, she said; “Just come up with something..”


Nah, but all jokes aside. I love being told to come up with something, it’s how I work best. Anyways. So I thought, Hey, I have almost zero experience with wood crafting, not the best tools available but a wild imagination. What to do? Oh, I’ll build an octagonal poker table for 8 people. As side reference I can tell you, that I’m actually not entirely sure how you play Texas Hold ’Em, normal poker I can do, but not Texas Hold ’Em. So I asked them if that was okay, and strangely it was.

Construction-wise I would think it’s quite poor, not in that it’s badly made, but just since I had/have no experience or knowledge regarding wood crafting I didn’t really know what one should think about when designing a table sturdy enough to support the evenly distributed weight of 8 grown men. Do you see where I’m going with this? The legs were constructed out of European Spruce at first. Anyone with enough experience is probably laughing their brains out right now, thinking (with a snobby French accent) “Ha, anyyy’one whith half a brain would know not to u’uuse that”. Well I didn’t, but I do now. Needless to say, I leaned on the table, heard a loud crack as the legs broke completely. They were re-constructed out of Birch wood, when I found out that interior furniture are better made from Birch wood.

Design-wise I feel very pleased with my p-p-p-poker table. I simply think it’s stunningly beautiful. Feel free to disagree and send me an email at

Now, enough talk (write). Enjoy the slideshow I made especially for you. Oh yeah.. sli’iiideshow.

Because of content migration, the slideshow no longer exists and I couldn’t find the source photos.

An early prootype of Island of Eternity being played.

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In which, 12 years ago, I wrote 450 words about creative and I covered topics, such as: woodcrafting, and gambling.