In which I talk more about the board game Island of Eternity that I’m developing.

Prototype #4

765 words about creative — 20:04 · 10th Dec 2010

Inspired partly by reading so many interesting things by Sirlin. He writes so many things that to me, are profoundly well thought-out and inspiring. So I thought, “Hey, maybe all three of my readers would also like a sneak peek into the mind of Carlos?” Because believe it or not I have actually spent a great deal of time doing what would be called “real world simulations” and computing statistical probabilities before I even had a name for any card. If I can find the original sketches for the probabilities I calculated in my head (some 3 years ago) I will add it to the spreadsheet and post I picture again some time in a not so distant future (link to my wife-to-be’s blog). But for now, this will have to do.

Yeah, so I probably already told you that I haven’t forgotten my board game, since I mention it in “A Small Step For Carlos”. Why did I say “probably”? I sound like I have no idea whether I wrote about it or not, despite linking back to myself, again. Early signs of dementia perhaps? Anyways, I glad to.. announce? That work on my board game to be, Island of Eternity (no “the”) is back on track! You can all now cork the champagne and celebrate, I know you wants to. Prepare yourself for pictures, and enjoy!

So here’s some quick comparison statistics, comparing prototype #3 to prototype #4.

What you are looking at here are the statistics for total number of card types and number of unique cards by that type with probability of drawing that card type as the first card in a game, excluding of course Island Curse and Book of Eternity -card since they are removed at the start.

An early prootype of Island of Eternity being played.

As you might notice (or ignore, if that’s your fancy..) the statistical probability of drawing an Event Card has drastically changed, what used to be 40,4% has now decreased with 23% to 31,1% of drawing an Event Card as the first card. What I’ve failed to add into in is the number of available cards the percentages are based on, so here. Prototype #3 had 54 cards, 52 at the start of game. Prototype #4 has 76 cards and 74 at the start of the game. Don’t try to count the statistical probability for the special cards, it won’t make any sense to you since the percentages are arbitrarily based on conditions that will never occur, unless you change the rules. So there’s that.

EDIT! Yeah I know that the probability of drawing a Reaction Card has changed even more, with it’s 30% decrease. But those cards have also been altered so that the probability of have use of a card has increased, I’d like to think they even out, testing will tell.

I also have some examples, which I will leave for now. I hope people will like the “Dark Ritual!” -card. To tickle your curiosity gland, here’s the names of some other new cards.

  • Sticky Fingers!
  • Silver Tongue!
  • Peeping Tom!
  • Armed n’ Dangerous!
  • Le Chakal!
  • Amnesia!
An early prootype of Island of Eternity being played.

Here’s a screenshot of some actual work, not just numbers that make no sense to anyone. What you see here is a partial shot of the new rulebook design, which I’m quite pleased with at the moment. Also, another new card called “Oh, So Close!”… which does… drumroll… nothing!
Tad’aaa! A card that does nothing, but can be made to have a function with an optional rule, because I’m just so nice today. Currently rulebook “protoFour” is a stapled 8 page A5 in full colour.

I’ll finish up with a good look at Flesh Wound!, a card that has managed to stick around from a very early stage. This picture features the very latest revision of the design of the card, although the illustration is obviously a placeholder mock-up until I actually start doing the illustrations. Which I will not until all the cards are locked down. But now, I’m going to join my lovely wife-to-be and her legendary awesome loins.

Until next time, don’t you go readin’ someone else blog now!

An early prootype of Island of Eternity being played.

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