In which the 37th version of my website is finally ready and live.

Code Twice, Upload Thrice

240 words about creative — 17:33 · 5th Dec 2011

And so the time has finally come to launch the recode and well.. obviously.. redesign of Internally I’m calling this one “volume 15” but it’s more in the region of # 37 at least. But probably even more than that, I lost count a few years ago when I switched from calling them “version” to “volume”. Anyway, that’s not why you are here, so without any further ado / I have a lot to do today and for the not so distant future so don’t expect things to get more active here. Yeah, I know, I know.. you’re getting all emotional about it but you’re just going to have to make do for now and hopefully as things calm down a bit I can get more active at blogging (not a proper verb I know) again.

So yeah, until then. Feel free to check out my redesign and as always, comments are more than welcomed unless they’re crappy, in which I will obviously pretend you’re not there.

Until then, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

The homepage for my new website.
My love for design borders on obsession…

I uploaded it three times, because I kept forgetting a analytics tracker!

The homepage showing some of my recent projects.
And my little avatar, just standing around.

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