In which I receive my first sales report on my 13 Icons of Horror T-shirts.

Fuck Yeah, For Tees!

497 words about creative — 15:28 · 18th Apr 2011

Fuck yeah!

Last weekend I finally got my first report on how the T-shirts are doing.

You know? The T-shirts I have designed and have for sale through

Yeah, those.. I kind of thought that I hadn’t been selling at all since I was told that I would get reports at the end of every month. Well, I heard nothing for like a month and a half-ish. So I just kind of figured that “well yeah, they probably have so many T-shirts that mine has now blended in with the crowd and I didn’t get any sold when they were new, so I probably won’t get any sold now..”

Screenshot showing the T-shirts being available for purchase from
Buy now or regret it!

As it turns out, I was wrong.. but in a good way. Apparently they’ve (I’ve?) sold 13 T-shirts.

Which admittedly probably sounds like very little, but since I’ve done no advertising except for blogging about them, I’m very happy. I mean come on, 13 people so far has thought that my designs were nice enough that they would spend the money to buy them. That’s awesome! I still have plans of updating my website in a not so distant future, and when I do, I will make an effort to show of the T-shirts there as well, hoping it might encourage someone every now and then that; “Oooh, I totally wanna buy one of those!”.

Anyways.. So if any of you 13 people out there who has bought a tee from me (Yeah, I so giddy I’m rhyming now..) Feel free to send me a picture of you wearing it, if you’re into that kind of thing I mean. With your permission I’ll gladly post some pictures of some people wearing my couture. If not, then yeah, that’s cool too. We’re still friends and all.

But if you think about it, like really stretching your imagination and such, this could be your only chance for shame.. fame, I mean your only chance for fame. Yeah, fame.. that’s totally what I meant.

Send a picture of yourself wearing my T-shirt, it will totally enlarge your E-Peen/E-Vag!

Unless of course you don’t want it larger, and in that case it will totally make it smaller. Or browner, or you know.. stuff.

Anyway. 13 sold T-shirts so far. I’m very pleased. To those of you that bought them, my deepest thanks! To those you of you just looked at them a little and then decided not to buy them.. shame on you.. repent your sins now, by buying two. Nah, it’s okay, you probably have things you need more than one of my T-shirts.. like clean water.. or a roof over your head, it’s okay.. I understand. Just wait until they’re so popular that you can by a cheap knock-off in an obscure market for like 1$..

That’s all for now.

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