In which I receive my quarterly sales report for my 13 Icons of Horror t-shirts.

Quarterly Sales

162 words about creative — 15:26 · 4th Jul 2011

Got my quarterly sales report a few minutes ago.. I’ve had a sale of 14 T-shirts more in the last quarter.. which brings my current total to 27.. Hurray for me!

The T-shirt with Chucky from Child's Play being available for purchase from
Let’s play! Let’s play! Let’s play! Let’s play!

In case you haven’t already purchased your very own T-shirt, designed by yours truly.. here the links to all the designs I have made:

EDIT: T-shirts are no longer for sale from Links removed to avoid confusion. Sometime in the future they will be for sale again from Stay tuned!

  • Freddy Krueger
  • Chucky
  • Alien/Xenomorph
  • Ghostface
  • Hannibal
  • Jason Vorhees
  • Bruce (Shark(s) from JAWS films…)
  • Billy (Puppet from the SAW films)
  • Leatherface
  • Michael Myers
  • Pennywise
  • Pinhead
  • Predator

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