In which I feel a bit under the weather but still manage to perform at this year’s Night of Arts.

Under The Weather

552 words about creative — 12:53 · 13th Aug 2011

As in, I’m still feeling a bit under the weather. Last Thursday, at Night of the Arts I was feeling a little gloomy because let’s face it, the missus and our son had both been/were sick and it was just a matter of time before it would get to me too. Well, it’s turns out that maybe.. just maybe I should have stayed at home instead of performing because on Friday I could not have felt sicker. I mean yeah, as a man I (read: We, as a collective gender) have a tendency to become pathetically sick and poor. And as such, by Friday I was just that. Sick and poor.. and painfully pathetic about it. The missus was kind enough to pamper me with some tomato soup with croutons, which was awesome but all in all. Most of that day was a bit of a blur. Today I am, well still a bit sick.. but not nearly as much as yesterday. And I glad to announce that my performance went.. well.. okay I suppose, I felt it could have been better as I’m sure others feel too. But you know what? I’m sort of fine with it, obviously I have long way to go before I’m fully comfortable singing into a microphone.. for starters. Never mind the fact that I don’t “play for the audience”.. I play for the paper in front of me. But it’s okay, we’ll get there in due time. Other than that, I feel very pleased having had the opportunity to introduce people to some of my newer material this year. If I happen to stumble on any kind of recordings from the evening I’ll be sure to youtube ‘em fuckers. But for lack of the real deal you’re just going to have to settle with my set list and one measly picture of my performance. I know some friends who took more pictures but I haven’t managed to get my hands on any of those pictures yet.

  • Last Curtain Call
  • My Undying Love For You Will Never Decompose (But My Body Might)
  • Shut Up & Go With It
  • Excess Baggage, a Staind cover
  • Consumed
Carlos Eriksson performing My Undying Love For You Will Never Decompose (But My Body Might).
Yeah, I know.. I look like I'm having some sort of seizure.. a.k.a. Passion and inlevelse.
Rebecka Eriksson's clothing design and art installation called 'The Victoria Line'.
“The Victoria Line”.

Also, because I can’t help myself I have to do this once. My wonderful wife also had an exhibition “The Victoria Line” at the same place where I was performing. And I know I’ve promised I wouldn’t link to her blog because she doesn’t really want people to read it, it more for herself. But to hell with it all, I’m doing this once. She’s really awesome at designing and making clothing of various epochs and if anyone reading this happens to work in theatre, you should so totally hire her. Who else will care about whether the lacing technique is accurate for that period of time?

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