In which it’s that spooky time of the year again.

Updates and a Pumpkin

356 words about life — 20:38 · 31st Oct 2011

So, yeah. In the same spirit as last year I keep insisting on not actually doing the Happy Halloween post until it actually is Halloween. But I ranted enough about it last year so I won’t do it this time. Anyway. Not a lot of things to update you with this time I’m afraid. The missus and me had an (hopefully) awesome Halloween-themed party this Saturday. I got drunk enough to think I could stand on my hands.. which I of course can’t. So I sprained my thumb or something. Needless to say, it hurts and I’m a little wiser.. a.k.a I know not to do that again, because well.. my motor skills aren’t that great apparently. Anything else?

I have procured Batman: Arkham City some days ago too. I haven’t had time to play it yet though so I’ll have to get back to you when I have. But I am looking forward to it, and really want to try it soon, it’s such a pain in the ass to avoid spoilers when roughly half of the websites I visit frequently are game-related. The other half being “stuff” (porn).

I’m also participating in Idols this year, because well.. they made it so east that I simply can’t say no.. that and a friend asked me to join her. Also, how often will I get the chance to make an ass of myself on national TV?

That’s it.. now go away! We’re done here.. I have “stuff” to do..

Nah, I’m kidding.. I still have pictures to show you. This years pumpkin in all it’s edited glory. Kudos to beije and his photography skills for the first picture in it’s original state. I obviously added the pumpkin, which is why it looks to out of place.

Carlos Eriksson wearing a pumpkin on his head.
Bow before your almighty ruler and king, Sir Pumps-a-lot!
A carved pumpkin, under candle light.
Happy Effin’ Halloween!

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