In which I show you another of our Christmases in pictures.

A Christmas In Pictures

1243 words about life — 20:58 · 30th Dec 2012

Since I talked about posting pictures of my Christmas I decided to create a new set on Flickr. So, here you go. Enjoy the embedded slide show after the jump.

13th Dec 2020: This used to be a Flickr embedded Flash-based slideshow. As part of the Reboot I’ve replaced it with standard images with text descriptions.

The Eriksson family Christmas in pictures.
An Angry Birds plushie amongst a bunch of cat plushies.
A bird amongst cats.
Parade at the Dickensian festival in Rochester, England.
A Dickensian start to Christmas.
Close-up of Christmas tree top and the bright red ornamnetal start adorning it.
A star is placed.
Orange, without cloves, hanging from the ceiling with red ribbon.
An orange is always an orange.
Home-made felt Christmas card featuring Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, except he has three eyes.
Attack of the mutant reindeer.
Amanda and Lucien pulling a Christmas cracker.
Boom goes the cracker.
Close-up of gingerbread cookies and coffee beans in a glass jar.
Cookies and Beans.
Lucien pretending to sleep whilst wearing a tiger-onsie.
Don’t wake the sleeping tiger.
Many presents wrapped in brown wrapping paper.
He had been very nice.
Christmas garland and baubles hanging off a window-curtain.
He was out of clever titles.
Tyrannosaurus Rex and pig cookie cutter shapes posed as if having sex.
Historically inaccurate procreation.
Chain-link made from paper and gingerbread boot, hanging from a window.
Horrifically home-made.
Pine-cone decoration hanging in a window.
I pine for you.
Close-up of ornamental hand fan.
I’m your biggest (but kind of small) fan.
Close-up of Lego bricks on the floor.
Intruders beware.
Close-up of orange with cloves stuck into it.
Just stick some cloves in it (that’s what she said).
Close-up of Swedish gingerbread cookies (which don't contain ginger).
Less ginger, more cookie.
Identical close-up of Swedish gingerbread cookies (which don't contain ginger), with the Saturation decreased.
Less saturation, more vintage.
Christmas tree with fairy lights creating a bright glare.
Merry X-mas.
One-foot Christmas tree on a windowsil with oversized fairy lights and a topper.
Overcompensating tree.
Red fairy lights hanging on mirror, their lights reflected.
Red-light mirror.
Red fairy lights hanging on mirror, their lights reflected making the entire photo red.
Red light on her face.
Lego minifigs and safari truck amongst Lego bricks.
The elephant in the room.
Looking through a window, the fog is thick and blue.
The fog lies thick.
Fairy lights and Christmas garlands sat atop kitchen cupboards.
The lighting to set the mood.
Oranges with cloves hanging from a curtain rod.
The scent hung in the air.
Decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath.
The tree.
Different angle of decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath.
The tree II.
Wide-shot of decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath.
The tree III (pun-free).
Wide-shot of decorated Christmas tree, focusing on the presents underneath.
The tree IV.
Close-up of presents underneath the Christmas tree.
The tree IX.
Another god damn Christmas tree, we get it already.
The tree V.
Close-up of bauble in Christmas tree.
The tree VIII.
Decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath.
Through the faux eyes of nostalgia.
Lucien and Rebecka at the Maidstone Christmas Lights events, Lucien holding two fingers up for no reason.
“Two please.”
Felt-cutout vaguely in the silhouette of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph.
Wreck-It Randy.

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