In which we get it confirmed that we’re getting the apartment (flat) we wanted.

Home Is Where I Walk around Naked

334 words about life — 21:45 · 6th Jun 2012

You know.. as opposed to “Home is where the heart.. blah blah”. Today I got it (super extra) confirmed that we’re getting the apartment (flat) that we looked at two Saturdays ago. Come this Saturday we’re signing the papers and getting the keys. Awesome! Our current temporary accommodation is ridiculously over-priced (and not that great either, but I will complain more on that once we’re out of here) so it’s going be really nice not having to worry about that as well as getting a place we can truly call our home. That also means we might be off the grid for a couple of weeks or so, but I promise I will post pictures of our new home once we have an internet connection.

Four small diecast metal cars.
The Boons latest addition to his vehicular armoury.

Besides we have more pressing things to care of that take precedence over the internet.. like a fridge.

Yeah, apparently it’s not as common to rent apartments that already have them. Sure you can find apartment that come with white goods included, but we really liked the place we looked at and with the general price difference it’s actually more affordable to buy our own fridge.

Oh yeah. And something to sleep on.

So, some things to think about before we’re completely out of the woods. But so far so good. My NINo should arrive tomorrow (I was actually expecting it today) and I have a meeting with my personal banker on my birthday.. Yeah, turns out my birthday’s coming up next (weeks) Saturday and I had pretty much forgotten all about it. I have no idea what I would/could want.

The livingroom of our second self-catering acccommodation.
Expensive, looks good in a picture but less nice to actually live in.

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