In which I’ve taken a break from smoking and realise how few entries I’ve written this year.

On a Very Special Carlos

771 words about health — 10:38 · 27th Oct 2012

This week on a very special Carlos I talk about how beije makes me look bad by writing more than I do, what it’s like to “pause” smoking and the Victorian Music Hall we’re attending this evening.

Time sure flies by (from my perspective), it feels like only a week ago since I last wrote a post. But we both know that isn’t true. We both know that it’s almost a month since last time. Oh the shame and embarrassment. I looked at some statistics and by this time last year I had written 79 posts. So far this year I have written (excluding this one) 34 posts. That simply won’t do, something must be done and I actually have a plan.

For a couple of years now I have had a nice progression of writing more every year, until now when things have gotten more interesting and what do I do? I write less. Understandable — I hope — since I have had less time to spend writing, but at the same time I really enjoy writing and doing it less has had a negative effect on me. Albeit small not probably barely discernible to most, I have noticed. Well — like I said — I have a plan.

Excluding today — even though I shouldn’t — I have 66 days left of the year. If I write something every day until the end of this year, the total of my posts for this year should be 101. Which is nicely a few more than last years posts. Do you see where I am going with this plan? Quantity before quality, oh yeah! Because let’s face it, when beije writes more than I do, something must be amiss. He’s has written (including today might make it 8) 7 posts in October. Comparing that to my (including today) measly 1 post, he’s really making me look bad. So, the plan is to write something every day. That is the challenge I am making myself. Also because I am a little bored with the “pause” smoking challenge.

Not bored as in I have started smoking again, but rather actually — the face punching desires aside — it’s proven to be not as difficult as I at first thought. Come tomorrow I will officially and truthfully have been smoke-free for 5 weeks. Not a single cigarette or puff since Sept. 23rd. I am actually quite proud of myself. And since I actually haven’t punched anyone — yet — I would say that it has gone quite well.

Now you might be asking yourself why I am calling it “pausing”? And let’s face it, since this relationship has always been a bit one-sided I am going to tell you regardless of if you’re asking yourself or not. It’s for the simple reason that until the moment I die I can’t truthfully say that I quit smoking, I mean who knows? I might still pick it up again some time in the future — though my mother would hope I don’t — I have for years pictured myself smoking a pipe at old age. And well, if I make it to 77 or something like that it’s not like I am realistically going to live much longer — nor would I want to — at which point I just might continue smoking. So there you have it, I have “paused” smoking because it sounds more realistic to say it that way than any other I can think of. But all in all, it has gone surprisingly well and to date I have been able to spend ~£185 elsewhere thanks to not smoking. Like going to a “For one night only!” event…

Tonight, we — meaning my wife and I as well as our 4-year old son — are going to a Victorian Old Time Music Hall because how awesome doesn’t that sound?! Hmm, maybe it only sounds awesomely cool and interesting to us. Now, whilst it’s true that my wife is the one with the passion for things like a Victorian Music Hall I must admit that I am genuinely intrigued as well. In part because my brain finds anything remotely new = interesting and in part because I really enjoy exploring and absorbing design ideas/thoughts/aspects from the past — whether it’s vehicle forms, wallpaper patterns or music halls, because I draw inspiration from everything, rather than just other people’s web design. So whilst I imagine my wife will be inspired in a way that directly related to her passion of design/sewing, I on the other hand will be equally inspired but in a much less tangible way. Exciting!

See you tomorrow?

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