In which I update We Play NHL to 3.3.

Three Point Three

298 words about creative — 12:44 · 2nd Mar 2012

I just finished updating our NHL Stats website to 3.3. What does that mean I hear you ask? Awesomeness a plenty, that’s what.. and to shed some light on the matter here’s a couple of new features (long awaited mind you) that has managed to finally become a part of our intricate obsessive statistical analysis.

Features added

All Stats added, including (not available anywhere else) statistics like e.g. Away/Home Win Ratios and Shots Against/Game. All of them displayed nicely in sortable tables, made possible by Stuart Langridge’s sorttable.js.

Screenshot illustrating the new All Stats view, giving players a table-overview of all possible statistics.
It might look simple, but it’s quite powerful.

Edit Match added.

Screenshot illustrating the Edit Match view which allows players to edit a match.
Let’s face it, sometimes we get things wrong. Good thing we can edit things then ey?

In the Zone indicator added. The player’s avatar becomes entangled with mathematical symbols one hour every day to signal that this is the hour when the player has won most of their games. Edit: Thanks to beije for guiding me in the right direction when I was trying to extrapolate the new data (number of wins correlating to time stamp) from our db, GROUP BY is the shit in this case!

Screenshot illustrating the math symbols hovering over a player who is In the Zone.
One hour every day, someone is In the Zone!

And finally, rank symbol Unranked added.

You’ve just read Three Point Three.

In which, 11 years ago, I wrote 298 words about creative and I covered topics, such as: web design , ui design , and we play nhl .