In which I get excited about flying over to the UK for job interviews.

Up, Up And Away

418 words about life — 09:10 · 11th Mar 2012

Next week will be very exciting. On Wednesday evening I am flying to the UK for an interview on Thursday. Obviously I don’t know how things will go yet, but I am very (very) excited about the prospect of landing a job in the UK before we move there. Oh, right, I don’t remember if I mentioned that. We are moving to the UK regardless of my employment status. Besides, so far most of the rejections I have received have been based purely on the fact that I (and we) don’t already live in the UK. Which tells me it shouldn’t be that hard to get a job, aside for the recession and high unemployment, for me it’s mostly been about geographical location. Which is easily rectified. Which is why we (as the collective whole) have decided that we will move regardless, according to our own schedule were are “out of here!” by the end of April, but obviously if I get a job before that, we will move before that.

I have never before noticed how many of my sentences start with “Which”, I wonder if I do that a lot or if it’s just a fluke that the three previous sentences started like that. Hmm.. maybe I could research that with a word scanning algorithm of some sort? Oh, the things I do.. “For Science!”.

Ahem, the side-stepping aside, point of this post is that I am excited, and whilst I am going for a casual and cool “Orlando Bloom”-ish excited look I am pretty certain I come across as more of a “Small Randomly Googled Giddy Girl with Crudely Photoshopped Rainbow Shooting Out Of Brain”.. ish.. look. You get the point, right?

Interesting side fact, both of these pictures were a result of me typing in “excited” into Google’s Image search. I use the term “interesting” very loosely, it’s more of a “interesting” in the same manner as observing the current weather is interesting.. as opposed to “Oh, my god, this hot-dog is the awesome-est hot-dog I have ever eaten! I can’t breath for how awesome this hot-dog is”1 -interesting.

Photo of actor Orlando Bloom and a random excited child.
You can tell how I excited I am.
  1. Eddie Izzard in his Stand Up Special “Circle”

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