In which I admit to liking two people.

2 Things I’m Ashamed to Admit That I Like

879 words about entertainment — 20:53 · 12th Sep 2013

Failing to think of 5 things I’m ashamed to admit that I like… I settle for a measly list of 2 things.

When I sat down to write a list of things I’m ashamed of liking I figured it was going to be easy.

“Surely, there’s lots of things I like but wouldn’t readily admit”, I thought to myself as I often do in my narcissistic ways.

But the more I thought about it I realised just how difficult it is because… well — and this is isn’t going to sound like much of a problem — most of the things I like, I like openly. I’m not ashamed of liking things like e.g. stop-motion animation films — which I love it ridiculously — or Norwegian pop/country singer Kurt Nilsen, just listen to him sing “Hallelujah” here.

Which resulted in a much shorter list than my original plan of “5 Things…”. And until I can figure out more things I’m genuinely ashamed of liking I suppose a list of 2, will simply have to do.

Robert Pattinson receives the official seal of approval from Carlos Eriksson.

Robert Pattinson’s Performances

One of the starts from The Twilight Saga and also that guy who dies in the labyrinths in one of the Harry Potter films, I forget which.

Now I’ve seen a few of the Twilight films — as one should to have an opinion about anything — and whilst they don’t really appeal to me in any way I can see why their target audience — not me — would love this. At the same time, it’s still a love story about a 108-year-old vampire and a 17-year-old girl. Fair enough that the Bella character is about as evolved as any 17-year-old girl might be… but that still doesn’t take into consideration Edward, the senior citizen.

Either way you spin things, wouldn’t he have evolved — emotionally — over the course of his 108-year life? Shouldn’t that have some impact on his behaviour? All of the films are super-extra deliciously creepy from a gender equality point-of-view and probably set women back a few years.

Anyway. I wasn’t supposed to critique The Twilight Saga since I should watch all of them to do that in good conscience. And I really don’t want to.

So back to Robert Pattinson. He isn’t great or even good in The Twilight Saga, his character portrayal is very one-dimensional but having seen some of his later films I’m beginning to suspect that the writer Stephenie Meyer is to blame for creating a one-dimensional character in the first place, giving poor Robert nothing to work with. Because I’ve seen Kristen Stewart’s post-Twilight performances as well, and she sits there with a vacant stare and her mouth slightly open.

Robert on the other hand is taking on roles that appear to be outside his comfort zone and he’s doing a pretty kick ass job at it too. But metaphorical final nail in the metaphorical coffin is interestingly not his acting but apparently the fact that he can also sing. And I have to admit that he’s really quite good. What an asshole.

Miley Cirus' Wrecking Ball receives the official seal of approval from Carlos Eriksson.

Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball

Former Disney teen idol Miley Ray Cyrus cuts her hair super short, colours it Peroxide Blond and starts twerking in everyone’s faces.

Twerk /twəːk/ To dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

Obviously she — or whoever decides what she’s supposed to do next — figured they need to reinvent her imagine if she is to have any sort of career post-Hannah Montana and just like people were fucking furious about the recent casting choices for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, they seem to be equally outraged by Miley’s recent twerking at this years MTV Video Music Awards with people making comments like “I despise that woman. I mean really, she brings shame to the entire human kind”.

And then with her latest single “Wrecking Ball” she has continued to fuel people fury. Now, I’m not particularly interested in the video because it bores me and once you’ve seen the first 30 seconds, you’re pretty much seen it all. “Yes”, she licks a sledgehammer and “Yes”, she’s naked, swinging on the previously mentioned wrecking ball but I don’t care much about that. Is she, much like Kristen Stewart, displaying how little progress we have made since the women’s suffrage movement for equality? Well, in one word “Yes”.

But damn it, I like the song. It’s catchy.

You’ve just read 2 Things I’m Ashamed to Admit That I Like.

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