In which I show you our Christmas in pictures.

Another Christmas in Pictures

655 words about life — 11:39 · 27th Dec 2013

Another Christmas has gone by and with that, here’s this year’s December in the form of an slide-show. Everyone loves a slide-show, right?

13th Dec 2020: This used to be a Flickr embedded Flash-based slideshow. As part of the Reboot I’ve replaced it with standard images with text descriptions.


The Eriksson family Christmas in pictures.
 Maidstone Christmas Lights events, with two people on stilts dressed as white and blue Christmas trees.
Disguised as trees.
 Close-up of cupcakes.
Lemon cupcakes with Lemon curd filling and Swiss meringue frosting.
 Lucien dressing the Christmas tree.
Dressing the tree.
 Merry-go-round at the Dickensian Festival in Rochester, England.
What a Dickens of a time.
 Saffron buns in a basket, on a windowsil illuminated by candlelight.
Saint Lucia.
 People ice-skating in Stockholm, Sweden.
Walking on thin ice.
 Model tank scene where one crewman is being shot in the ass.
Shot in the ass.
 Visting Beije in Stockholm, relaxing in his home with an ale each.
The weekend ales.
 Old streets of Stockholm.
The Old Streets.
 Ghost-walk in Stockholm, a window with a skull-decal.
Stockholm ghost walk.
 Candy-cane stall during the Christmas markets in Stockholm.
The Christmas market.
 Beautiful minimal and functional design of trash bin in Stockholm.
Pretty trash bins.
 Close-up of Christmas ornament in tree.
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.
 Blue-lights in ceiling from Sitewizard company Christmas party.
The X-mas party.
 Four lit advent candles in the windowsil.
Johnny the 4th.
 Oil-lamp illuminating a postcard featuring Santa Claus.
By the light of the lantern.
 Two race-cars built out of Lego.
On your marks...
 The dressed Christmas tree surrounded by Christmas decorations.
Granen står så grön och grann i stugan.

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