In which I show some of the designs I’ve been working on lately.

The Three Designs

565 words about creative — 22:28 · 9th Mar 2013

I like keeping myself active. No, that’s not quite true. I suspect some people think it sounds better to say it that way but the truth is; I get bored easily. Like stupidly easily.

That’s probably why I am having such difficulties organising my website revision. There’s too many things that don’t really fit within any other category than that “I have created it”. But I’m still working on it. If anyone though it was going to be a 1 month thing and “Done!” I am sad to annonce that “No”. That’s just nojt going to happen. Between everything else I’m doing it’s going to take a few months more at least and quite frankly I’m happy about that. I’m incubating my design.

The Carlos avatar standing against a hexagonal bokeh.
Unused art asset.

But even though one design is incubating that doesn’t mean I just sitting idly by as time moves on, waiting for the incubation to be complete. No, sir! I also have two other designs in progress. Well.. actually more than that but everything else are is such early stages that it’s barely worth mentioning. What is worth mentioning though is the other projects I am doing. Some have taken over 6 months already ( and are going to take a few more months and then there’s the Beije project.

Mock ups of the design for Beije's website superimposed on multiple devices.
Early prototype stage.

Which in terms of my participation is the smallest project I have right now. Brand+Logo+Website Design project but at least I won’t have to develop anything since Beije is a much better developer than I am. I’m just going to develop a Responsive, svg powered HTML5 + CSS3 design that he can then take and implement into his wordpress powered back-end. The Logo and Palette design is done as of yesterday and I’m just waiting for his final approval. And because he said “Modern browsers only.. progressive enhancments yes but not anything special for the likes of IE8 and older”.

I’m paraphrasing. He actually said “Fuck that shit!” But I think mine sounds better. Anyway. Is it okay that wrote that?

So three designs in progress. I’m enjoying roasting my own coffee for now and intend on writing more about as soon as I’ve collected all the required data. I accidentally deleted the Christmas/Easter song and will probably never get that written — Fuckin shit! — but I have some other songs that should get recorded and forever made eternal by the glorious God we call Jootoob.

One thing is at least nice and that is that I now — pretty much — have the Art Direction for all the designs finalized. It’s a relief to finally have that nailed down.

Mock up of the new We Play NHL website superimposed on a mobile device.
Look at my shiny bokeh thingy.

Note: All images featured in this post are crap because they are the result of ten minutes using Adobe Photoshop. Don’t think of them as final in any way even though the Art Direction is final, the images you see here are not.

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