In which I finally move my blog to my very own domain and begin the arduous process of designing this new website of mine.

A Place to Call Home

424 words about technology — 22:49 · 11th Mar 2014

Welcome to the new website. It’s not much of a looker yet, heck, I haven’t even gotten smart quotes to work yet. But I will, because these programmers quotes annoys the shit out of me.

Give it a little time and elbow grease and I’ll get this heap to look like something one could call a home. I hope you don’t mind the mess in the meantime, sometimes one just has to live in a bit of a mess to better understand what one wants from one’s life website.

A year later

Those two measly paragraphs above is all I wrote over a year ago as I blatantly launched, moving my journal from the old Blogger+Blogspot combo I had been enduring for the past 7 or so years, to a brand spanking new Github+Jekyll combo.

There wasn’t much of a ceremony, which was entirely the point. As an experiment in transparency I wanted to expose the messy, sometimes failure-ridden design process that we, designers, usually hide away, only to reveal when it’s done—whatever done means.

I even put the development of the site on a Trello board that I made available publicly.

But that was a year ago.

Why does this website still look, well—for lack of better words—ugly and unfinished?

In short; Because it is.

And this is the exactly that design process that is sometimes messy and failure-ridden. Was this the plan I had back in March 2014?

No, but it happened and I would be a fool—and a fool I’m not—to not learn from this.

Looking around, you can see from the state of the website and that Trello board I mentioned that I am nowhere near done yet. But with 234 commits in the repo, at least I’m making progress.

And I’m okay with that.

What about the old blog?

I’m glad you asked—let’s pretend you did.

One of the cards—i.e. tasks—I’ve set up on Trello, is to move over and archive all the entries from (link gone) here.

Until I’ve moved over all of it though, I’m keeping the blog alive for posterity.

But with 382 entries left at the time of writing, I’ve got quite a lot of work ahead of me. I’m looking into ways of automating it but even the best tools will require manual tidying up.

And because I like naming things I’ve decided to call this The Reclaimer.

You’ve just read A Place to Call Home.

In which, 10 years ago, I wrote 424 words about technology and I covered topics, such as: jekyll , behind the scenes , and web design .