In which I return after a 2 month hiatus and conclude the story that begun a few months ago.

At Least It Wasn’t Lupus, Conclusion

365 words about life — 00:39 · 1st Mar 2014

So I’m back. It doesn’t really feel like I’ve been gone any significant amount of time but looking at the calendar tells a different story. It’s been two months, the exact amount I had planned on keeping my little hiatus. What none of us planned however, was for Lucien to get seriously ill and whilst both of these things happened, only one of them was welcomed.

But I’m sure you’re all eager and curios to find out how he’s feeling and… well… I have no reason to hold out on you, especially after sharing my train-of-thought earlier in At Least In Wasn’t Lupus, Part 1.

He’s better. Much better. It’s been a difficult couple of months but he’s been recovering steadily with noticeable improvements every week.

Earlier this week I went for what we thought would be his last heart scan—turns out, they would still like to follow it up a year from now—and was given the good news that there were no coronary artery abnormalities. Which means we can stop giving him medicine to prevent blood clots.


Ironically, I had planned on having my hiatus before any of this happened. But in hindsight it would seem that my timing couldn’t have been better as my attention has been needed elsewhere. Now, that things have finally settled down more maybe it’s time we move on and put some of these things behind us? Everyone okay with that? Good.

A new year always brings with it hope for new things to accomplish. New skills to learn. New avenues to explore and get lost in, so let’s get lost together.

I have missed all you and to show you how much I’ve missed you all I have some fun posts in store for the near future.

In fact, starting on Tuesday I will blow your mind with my incredibly clever pirate-puns in my SPOILER-FREE review of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, or AssFlag as I decided to call it in the soon-to-be available “Arrrgh You Rrready To Shiver Me Timbers”.

So, what have I missed?

You’ve just read At Least It Wasn’t Lupus, Conclusion.

In which, 10 years ago, I wrote 365 words about life and I covered topics, such as: the abominable weekly update .