I start the weekend by attending my first—but definitely not last—Comic Con convention in London and find myself munching on some much needed reindeer meat later on.

Carlos Goes to MCM London Comic Con

1033 words about life — 18:40 · 26th May 2014

I’ve pretty sure I’ve just had the nerdiest weekend of my entire life. And—in true pre-release fashion—it all started on Wednesday, with the arrival of another mysterious Loot Crate box.

This month’s theme was: Adventure, and unlike last month’s theme—Dragons—I was quite looking forward to this one.

The content of Loot Crate, May 2014
From left to right-ish: Zombiefied Jake from Adventure Time, Steve from Minecraft, CaptainSparklez Stickers, The Friend Zone Soundtrack CD, Zelda T-Shirt.

In the end, I still felt about as thrilled about the content as last time and I’m beginning to feel like maybe Loot Crate isn’t for me.

Third time is the charm, perhaps?

Though, having said that, I did really like the Zelda—featuring Link—t-shirt I got and thought it would be fitting to wear it to the this weekend’s main event, MCM London Comic Con.

Blurred hand with Saturday entry wristband for MCM London Comic Con, 2014
Paying a little extra for a pre-order ticket was definitely worth it.

MCM London Comic Con is the UK’s biggest modern popular culture event.

The previous expo had 88,000 participants and notable guests such as Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker. This time, Brian Fargo—who I sadly missed—and Phil Lamarr—who I totally saw—was there.

Comic book style illustration of Phil Lamarr and the many characters he does
Phil Lamarr and some of his many voices.

Disappointingly I feel like the best stories I have, have no photos to verify their validity other than my word for it. Like the guy who was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series and did an amazingly accurate cosplay including the mannerisms and swagger of Johnny Depp’s portrayal.

Or the five people, all dressed in card board boxes, chasing each other as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series.

But thankfully I do have some photos, so without further procrastination, enjoy!

Assassin’s Creed cosplayer standing high up on a pole
Spot the guy taking Assassin’s Creed cosplay to a whole new level.
A group of people cosplaying as Cats with intricate costumes
One could say their costumes were purrfect.
A Warhammer 40K Space Marine cosplayer
One could say his costume was… ummm… space marine-y?
Woman pirate cosplayer giving out FREE HUGS
Never before have I seen so many different people giving out “FREE HUGS”.
A cosplayer in a full set of Daedric Armor, from The Elder Scrolls series, with Daedric Warhammer.
Morning routine; Brush teeth ✓, Coffee ✓, Daedric Warhammer ✓
Bumblebee from the Transformers series, depicted in his yellow Chevrolet Camaro form.
I also found Bumblebee, from the Transformers series, doing his best to hide from Shia LaBeouf.
Zombie cosplayer staring blankly into the camera
Dragging his feet around, moaning and groaning I never saw this guy break character. Not once.
Carlos Eriksson pretending to be eating by a werewolf cosplayer.
My very lame attempt at pretending to be eaten by a werewolf.

And of course, finally… the “swag”.

After years of wanting one—and not buying it online for some reason—I finally snagged myself a Vault Boy t-shirt.

Royal Blue -shirt featuring Vault Boy, the Vault Tec mascot from the Fallout series.
Vault Boy giving his memorable “Thumbs up!”.

I also picked up a Lucario plushie, a dual-type Fighting/Steel Pokémon, Lucien has been talking about for some time.

No weekend would—of course—be complete without the obligatory food shot and seeing as—lately—it’s been all about the burgers I thought I would continue that tradition.

So, I finished the weekend with a quick trip to Chatham and its Maritime Food & Drink Festival, in the company of Nick and his girlfriend Samantha, where I enjoyed one of Odin’s Cookhouse signature burgers, the Raider’s Reindeer burger thus adding reindeer to the ever-growing list of animals I’ve had in a burger.

Odin’s Cookhouse and their Raider’s Reindeer burger
His name is Rudolph Paulson, his name Rudolph Paulson…

My viking-like apetite wasn’t silenced with such a puny burger though, so I also ended up going to Crabbie Shack to try their Soft Shelled Crab burger which was… well… interesting. I’m still not entirely sure if I liked it because, between the condiments and the batter the crab was dipped in before it was fried, I couldn’t discern a lot of crab taste.

Overall though, a really good awesome weekend.

You’ve just read Carlos Goes to MCM London Comic Con.

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